Getting Rid of Junk 

7 Reasons You Need to Make That Junk Go Away!

Believe it or not, you’ll be saving, time money by making your junk go away!

1. You Need to Save Time!
Can you really afford to take time off from work or your weekend leisure time to deal with the junk that’s encroaching on your living space or lifestyle?

2. You Need to Get Your Space Back!
It’s time to turn that spare room into a functional room or, actually parking the car in the garage or, the contents of your entire living space need to be thinned out.

3. You Can’t Afford to Waste More Money!
Time is money for a home, business, or property owner. The time saved is equal or greater to the money you save. Invest your valuable time more effectively instead of taking time off from work, your business, or your weekend leisure time.

4. . Your Junk is Causing Some Safety Issues!
Fires, rodent and insect infestation, mold, mildew, and trip and fall hazards are just some of the problems that accumulated junk cand cause.

5. You Can Donate “The Good Stuff” to a Charity!
A local charity or non-profit may need it more than you. Like what? Furniture, appliances, computers and other electronics, and clothing and household items, as well. We can donate it for you.

6. Your Inside and Outside Space is Being Ruined By All the Junk!
Junk is well, junk and detracts from your workspace, living space, recreational space, storage space and, your overall lifestyle.

7. You Can Take the Weight of the Task Off of Your Shoulders!
If getting rid of your junk is on your mind or to-do list whether decluttering, removing large items, thinning out, or just getting rid of it all.

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Proper Disposal

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Happy Customers

"I hired the clean out crew to help clean out a customers home before we listed it, they were great to work with."

Steve Medeiros


"We hired the clean our crew to remove a bunch of junk left behind our house by the preprevious owners. They were very reasonable and saved us a ton of time and effort."

Jeffrey Atkins