Junk Removal Services

Clean Out Crew is a full-service junk removal company serving Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We make junk disappear – taking it away to be properly disposed of, recycled, or donated.

Junk Removal Company Serving Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod

Many homeowners and realtors encounter the daunting task of getting rid of piles of junk or unwanted items. This may include old furniture, appliances, yard debris, electronics, and more. Such mess requires an efficient and reliable method of disposal, and that is where junk removal services like Clean Out Crew come in. Here, we will explore some of the reasons why homeowners and realtors need professional junk removal services.

If you can’t afford to take time off from work or your weekend leisure time to deal with the junk that’s encroaching on your living space or lifestyle, call the Clean Out Crew. If you are a REALTOR looking to close on a real estate transaction and need to make piles of junk disappear quickly, then call the Clean Out Crew.

Call us at 774-503-0381 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM or, complete this form for an estimate on the most time and cost-efficient solution to take it all away for proper disposal, recycling or donation!


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Call or email us and we will send a field manager to meet you and provide you with a quote for your junk removal services.


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Proper Disposal

All items from Clean Out Crew junk removals are safely and properly disposed of, donated or recycled.

Junk Removal Services 

We make junk disappear – taking it away to be properly disposed of, recycled, or donated.

The Clean Out Crew Difference

1. Safety first
Junk removal involves heavy lifting, loading, and hauling. Handling such tasks without the necessary equipment and training can cause accidents, injuries, and property damage. Junk removal companies have the necessary experience and equipment to safely remove and transport heavy materials, leaving you and your property protected from harm.

2. Time and Cost Savings
Junk removal services offer both time and cost savings. Imagine the time and effort spent trying to load and dispose of large items such as old refrigerators, mattresses, and sofas. Hiring professional movers creates room for other important tasks like preparing your home for sale, packing, and moving. Plus, you may end up spending more money renting tools and equipment required for junk removal. Finding a reputable junk removal company is a worthwhile investment that will save you both time and money.

3. Environmental Protection
Proper disposal of junk can be challenging, especially considering that not everything can be tossed in the landfill. Junk removal companies have a deep understanding of local regulations concerning the disposal of different types of wastes. They also have the necessary resources and processes to recycle or donate items that are still in good condition. By using a junk removal company, you can be sure that your junk will be disposed of according to the set environmental standards.

4. Boosts Home Value
Removal of junk and unwanted items from your home can improve its value and overall appearance. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home. Cluttered homes can be unappealing to potential buyers, and a professional junk removal service can help you make a positive first impression. Additionally, it can help you organize and de-clutter your home, making it easier for you to keep the home clean and tidy.

5. Convenient and Efficient
The process of junk removal can be time-consuming, difficult, and stressful. Hiring a professional junk removal company can make the process convenient and easy. These companies provide on-time services and offer flexible scheduling options that match your needs. They also bring their equipment and labor, making it more convenient and efficient than doing the job yourself. So whether you need junk removal before or after a move, renovation, or large event, a professional company will have your back.

In conclusion, professional junk removal services offer a convenient, cost-effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly option for dealing with unwanted items. Whether you are a homeowner or realtor, hiring a reputable junk removal company can save you time, effort, and money while increasing the value of your property. So next time you need to make piles of junk disappear, consider reaching out to the Clean Out Crew, Southeastern Massachusetts local estate cleanout and junk removal company.

Junk Removal Service Area

Located in Fairhaven, MA – Clean Out Crew services all of the Southcoast and parts of Cape Cod, including the towns of Rehoboth, Dighton, Somerset, Swansea, Fall River, Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Acushnet, Freetown, Lakeville, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, Wareham and the upper and mid cape regions.