Tips for Dealing with an Estate Clean Out

Dealing With an Estate? Why a Estate Clean Out Company is the way to go.

You’ve been named as an executor and are responsible for coordinating an estate clean out that’s full of possessions, obsolete and unwanted items and maybe, some items of value.

What are you going to do with the property?  First, you have to carefully conduct an inventory of the property.

Video and photography is one way to do it. It’s important because you don’t want to be accused of picking the best or most sentimental or valuable items for yourself.

Make a list of what items family members have expressed an interest in, including yourself. What items can be easily donated such as linens, kitchen items, and clothing?

Are there anythings to sell such as appliances, furniture, tools, yard equipment or antiques? How is this all going to get done, where will it go, and how will it get there?

What condition is the property in? Does it need minor or major repairs?

Can these repairs be done before the items are emptied out?  It’s more than likely that not everything is worth keeping.

Sentimental value doesn’t equate with monetary value. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, as the old saying goes but even well-cared-for homes contain more trash than treasure.

You’ll have enough to deal with as the executor or person responsible for the cleanout. Call the Clean Out Crew now for an estimate on the most time and cost-efficient solution to take it all away for proper disposal, recycling or donation!