Tips on How to handle cleaning out a loved ones estate

Dealing With an Estate? Five Reasons why a Clean Out Company is the way to go.

You’re the executor of a loved one’s estate. You’re responsible for cleaning out a house that’s full of memories, possessions, and a lot of unwanted items and junk.

What to do? Where to start?

First things first! Contact and communicate openly with family members before suspicion, conflicts, and disagreements make your job a lot harder

Second, look for important documents and paperwork such as the will or trust if it hasn’t already been located. Don’t forget life, auto, and property insurance policies.  You’ll also need to locate the property deeds and any titles.

There are also bank books, certificates of deposit and statements, as well as, stock certificates, annuities, pension and retirement records and, tax returns.

Third, go through every closet, cabinet, drawer and possible hiding spot for cash and other valuables.

Fourth, go through the clothing which may have some value at resale or vintage clothing shops. Don’t forget to check the pockets.

The balance can be either donated, discarded or given to family members with a sentimental attachment to certain items such as a wedding gown for example.

Fifth, find and gather family photo albums, old film or video, scrapbooks, and other sentimental items and possessions. This is sometimes when the disagreements between family members ignite.

We’ve heard it before, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Another old saying is, time is money so, call the Clean Out Crew now for an estimate on the most time and cost-efficient solution to take it all away for proper disposal, recycling or donation!


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