Why People Hire an Estate Clean Out Company

Dealing With an Estate? Why a Clean Out Company is the way to go. 

You’ll have enough to deal with if you’ve been named as an executor. The management of financial assets is one thing.

Then you have to pay debts or make outstanding payments including money owed to creditors, taxes owed, benefit overpayments, and of course, attorney’s fees. If the deceased owned a home with another person, ownership passes to the other owner.

If the other owner no longer can or wants to live there, household items and personal possessions need to be distributed to interested family members or removed. Many homes have decades of unwanted items to be cleaned out.

If there are many family members who are interested in the items and possession left behind, it can get to be quite difficult to keep emotions in check. However, at the end of it all, there’s the unwanted items and clutter to deal with.

Where to start? Take a good look at what you have to deal with; the time and labor required to get everything out of the house, basement, attic, garage, the yard, and other outbuildings.

Is it mostly junk? Can you estimate how many dumpster loads it will take to remove everything?

How many hours will it take to go through every drawer, closet, cabinet and so on and getting it out of the house by selling it, distributing it to family and neighbors, recycling and junking the rest?

It could take weeks working weekends and evenings! Call the Clean Out Crew now for an estimate on the most time and cost-efficient solution to take it all away for proper disposal, recycling or donation!


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Happy Customers

"I hired the clean out crew to help clean out a customers home before we listed it, they were great to work with."

Steve Medeiros


"We hired the clean our crew to remove a bunch of junk left behind our house by the preprevious owners. They were very reasonable and saved us a ton of time and effort."

Jeffrey Atkins